Group Exercise Room

This is our group exercise room. Our classes include group calisthenic classes, Hi-Lo step aerobics, kickboxing, circuit training classes, and combination classes. The classes are motivating, fun, and are effective to tighten your body and burn fat. We incorporate multiple muscle core training workouts. Whether you are 17 or 70, a beginner or an advanced athlete, you will look and feel better the minute you walk through the door.

Did you know that you have to be in an aerobic target heart rate to burn body fat. Our trainers will teach you how to take your heart rate and what your high-low target zone is (between 60-85%).

Cardio Center

This is our cardiovascular center. This is where you lose body fat and tighten and tone your body. Our trainers will teach you how to use all of the equipment. With 25+ machines you'll easily find one you love.

Weight Room

This is our weight room. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of women from head to toe. With each membership you will receive four training sessions. The trainer will review your goals, and then develop an individualized program for you including the newest line of equipment, which strengthens you from the inside out. They will train and teach you how to workout effectively and efficiently. Did you know the body utilizes glycogen as it's first source of energy? Therefore, you will be doing weights or calisthenics before your aerobic workout. For the first 15-20 minutes you do not burn body fat.

Kid Zone

Parents we know your concerns! Our KID ZONE staff is outstanding with over 20 years experience. 

Our daycare is extra large and great for children of all ages. We have toys for infants, a coloring table, and video games for older kids. Open twice a day, including while the majority of classes take place, hours can be found at the bottom of the page.


Juice Bar

Full service juice bar!


Our locker room is equipped with changing rooms, blow dryers, showers, and an abundance of storage for any personal items. We've got it all!


Monday and Wednesday       7:00AM-8:30PM

Tueday and Thursday             8:00AM-8:30PM

Friday                                        7:00AM-6:30PM

Saturday                                   7:00AM-1:00PM

Sunday                                    7:30AM-12:00PM


840 Crescent St.
Brockton, Ma


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