About our Personal Training


Having the best tools and professional help is the

best way to approach any project if you expect great results. 


By choosing to use a Clubex personal trainer to start freshen up or compliment your current routine, it will enhance your experience 150%!


By this time we have all started and stopped some type of fitness routine. Some with good results and some not so good, but we always come back to fitness.  


To get you back to that "feel great, look great" space in your life, try out a trainer for 1-12 sessions. Our advice is to start with 4 sessions and see if you like your experience and go from there.

Our trainers understand that every client has different needs and will thoroughly interview you to determine the best course of action.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your PT experience, Clubex will refund you. 

Training Session Prices:

1  session                    $47

4  sessions                    $149

8   sessions                    $255

12 sessions                    $365


Monday and Wednesday       7:00AM-8:30PM

Tueday and Thursday             8:00AM-8:30PM

Friday                                        7:00AM-6:30PM

Saturday                                   7:00AM-1:00PM

Sunday                                    7:30AM-12:00PM


840 Crescent St.
Brockton, Ma


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